If you live in North America, or really anywhere for that matter, you’ve likely heard the news of the devastating and tragic wildfires that have been sweeping California. Over 250,000 people have had to flee their homes and over 6,400 of those homes have been destroyed due to the fires. Even more tragic, 29 people have been confirmed to have lost their lives. For one stuntwoman and driver, the loss of her home and BMW M4 are awful but thankfully she’s still here to talk about it.

Susan Purkhiser has been a Hollywood stuntwoman for decades now and is also a proper driver and even a drifting instructor. She’s worked on such blockbuster movies as The Bourne Ultimatum and Star Trek and is highly respected. Sadly, Purkhiser’s home in California and her tuned BMW M4, have both burned to the ground in the wildfires.

Fortunately, Purkhiser was out of state for work, in Seattle. So she wasn’t personally in any danger of the wildfires. That doesn’t mean her entire life hasn’t been turned upside down because of them, though.

Purkhiser’s brother Brian has started a Go Fund Me page to help get Susan back on her feet. She’s lost everything: her home, all of her personal possessions, her car and all of her stunt equipment. The goal for the Go Fund Me is $25,000 and its currently at $1,250, at the time of writing this. Hopefully the goal can be met, to help her get back on her feet and start anew.

Obviously, Purkhiser isn’t the only one to lose everything in these devastating fires. Countless people have lost their homes, cars, possessions and, in some even more awful cases, their lives. But if we can help to spread awareness for someone who is in need, however big or small, we’re going to do so. That’s really what we all need to do, just our bit to help someone in need.

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