The 2018 SEMA auto show, which is home to some of the craziest and most outlandish car builds in the world, has already come and gone. We usually do attend SEMA but we weren’t there this year to see the madness. However, our friends over at Evolve Automotive were there, flying all the way from England to Las Vegas, and have given a bit of a tour of the show and what they thought was cool.

You might not some of Evolve’s work, as we’ve featured their stuff on here before, such as the “Project Viper” F80 M3 and the new F90 M5 project they have going on. But they offer a lot more products than just parts for modern Bimmers. A lot of their intakes were shipped over to Vegas to be put on display in the villa that they rented. So for some clientele, they could check out some of Evolve’s products while hanging out in a very luxurious villa in the Vegas sunshine and heat.

At SEMA, though, Evolve’s front-man Imran gives us a tour of the show and some of the cars he liked. Most notably, an E30 BMW M3 that was engine swapped with an S55 engine from a 2015 F80 M3. We’ve seen a lot of E30 M3 engine swaps before but not an S55 and it’s interesting to see. Firstly, the S55 engine is huge under the hood of the E30, taking up the entire engine bay and sitting further forward than a lot of enthusiasts might like. It’s also paired with a six-speed manual, which is cool.

There was also what seemed to be a 930 Porsche that had its powertrain swapped with a Tesla powertrain, making it entirely electric. Making classic cars electric is a cool idea but the idea of swapping a Porsche with a Tesla powertrain seems a bit wrong.

SEMA is a crazy show filled with some of the wildest builds and it’s probably the largest show of modified cars in the world. So check out this video to get a taste of what’s there.