The Silverstone auction is coming up and there are going to be some incredible cars hitting the auction block. A few of them are BMW products, including Rolls Royce (even if the Rollers were made before BMW’s acquisition of the brand). In this new video, Harry Metcalfe walks us through some of the cars that are going up for auction and how stunning they are.

First up is the Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible that was owned by Frank Sinatra. Not only was it owned by Old Blue Eyes himself but it was gifted to him by Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin for Sinatra’s 17th birthday. That’s an awesome piece of history. It also has some really lovely coach-built touches, like the exterior door handles that are absolutely gorgeous and the drink dispenser in each door pocket, which are filled with shot glasses and a flask. Each. That’s awesome.

Next, Metcalfe shows off Jay Kay’s (from Jamiroquai) collection of classic cars. In that collection, there are two BMWs worth noting. One of which is a 1996 BMW 850CSi and it’s gorgeous. It’s black on black and has a six-speed manual to go with its V12, otherwise known as the perfect setup. Jay Kay is the second owner of the car but it barely has any miles on it and is in pristine condition.

The other BMW in Jay Kay’s collection is a 1989 E30 BMW M3 “Johnny Cecotto” Edition. So not only is it an E30 M3, which is highly desirable as it is, but the Johnny Cecotta Edition was an extremely limited-run car, so it’s very rare. It has extremely low miles and is in perfect condition. It looks fantastic as well. So it should fetch well over six-figures.

These are just some of the cars that are going up for auction, so it’s worth watching the video to see some more awesome automotive history.