If you’re a fan of Frank Sinatra and Rolls-Royce cars, you might be in for a treat later this month. The people over at Silverstone Auctions are preparing to bring out a 1984 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible at their November 10-11 event, which was apparently owned by the legendary singer. The car is expected to fetch between £105,000 ($133,800) and £125,000 ($159,288) so you better get your check book ready.

According to Silverstone Auctions, the car was imported into the US by Rolls-Royce in November 1984, prior to being delivered to Sinatra. It was presented to him on his 70th birthday by his friends and colleagues of the Rat Pack, Sammy and Dean. According to the same source, the car was given as a gift to Sinatra’s assistant Ingemar Fredriksson in 1990, as the latter was celebrating 10 years working for Frank.

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After the singer’s death in 1998, the owner moved to Spain and the car sold to a vendor working with Silverstone Auctions in 2001. Having just 66,550 miles on the clock, the car had some £47,000 ($60,000) invested in it recently to make sure it is up to par to be sold off at auction. Among the work done to it you’ll find things such as re-finishing of the wooden door cappings and touching up of the paint in places. Most of the work was mechanical however and related to the engine, suspension and braking system.

The story is backed by a provenance record, signed and dated 18th September 2018 by Sibylla, Ingemar’s daughter and witness to the car’s unique ownership. The Corniche also has a website dedicated to it right now at www.theratpackcorniche.com, where you can apparently find more details about it. One thing’s for sure, we will be checking out the NEC Classic Car Show to see how much this beauty got at the auction and maybe check out the lucky new owner.