BMW is pulling all the stops for the media launch of the new 8 Series Convertible. The car is finally here and we’re excited to see what the marketing team has in store for us to promote it. The drop top also got a Launch Film, as it is the custom in Bavaria, a short clip to emphasize on its coolness. The thing is, this time, they really wanted to send a message and the shots below imply that driving this thing literally takes you to a different world.

It all kicks off quite peculiar from the get go, with shots focusing on the design details hidden on the 8 Series Convertible. From the slick headlights to the character creases on the hood, it implies a projection of power, playing with light and fog. The setup brings to mind an obscure scenery, at night, and then we’re presented with a short glimpse of what definitely doesn’t look like planet Earth. It could be the Moon or a planet from our solar system.

Initially, you don’t pay too much attention to the environment where the 8 Series Convertible is shown being driven. Short, fast shots continue to draw your attention away from the scenery. It’s hard not to, as the engine not makes itself noticed and everything is focused on the car. However, at around the 1 minute mark, things start to get out of hand. Flowers suddenly bloom all around the car and the driver notices something rather odd up in the sky.

In the end, the final shot reveals why a lot of things didn’t make sense, as the Blue Marble is show on the horizon as the protagonist walks away from the car after locking it using his phone. Yes, this is one of the best launch films BMW ever did and it truly does justice to a car like the 8 Series Convertible.