The big news in the BMW M division this year was, without a doubt, the unveiling of the new M xDrive system. Some would say that the new M5 is the big news but without M xDrive, that car would be just as crazy as the Competition F10 M5 before it. Therefore, a lot of attention has gone to this all-wheel drive system and all the reviews seem to agree that it’s a home run on and off the track. But while it’s great to see the M5 launch flawlessly now, some are wondering how useful that system will be in winter time.

The market today obviously prefers all-wheel drive cars to rear-wheel drive ones. The SUV craze is a testament to that but also the sales figures for xDrive-equipped models and those sold without the AWD system. The reasons behind these choices can vary quite a lot, from the need to feel safer in snowy conditions to superior traction when launching. Alas, the new F90 M5 is also going to be judged accordingly and the people from TopSpeed decided to see how the M xDrive system handles some of their tests.

They therefore borrowed a brand new M5 and put in on a set of rollers, in various configurations. From having the rear axle on the rollers to moving them to the front axle and all other kinds of combinations in between, the M5 and its M xDrive system was put through some interesting scenarios. I’m happy to say it had no issues whatsoever in dealing with any of those, getting an awkward six stars out of six.

The new M xDrive therefore seems prepared for snowy conditions and that’s great news to prospective or current owners. Even so, the main attribute that makes it so interesting to so many people is the fact that it can send all of its power to the rear wheels, turning the M5 into a proper tire shredding machine.