Now that the BMW M2 Competition has replaced the standard M2, there’s really not much more room for increased performance from the M2. With its 405 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, the BMW M2’s S55 engine has sort of reached its limits in that body, says BMW, as there’s not enough room for additional frontal cooling for the engine to make more power. So how to you step up even further without adding much, if any power? Strip it out and make it handle better. Essentially, make a BMW M2 CSL. (We don’t own these spy photos but check them out here)

The original E46 BMW M3 CSL made 360 hp, not much more than the standard M3’s 333 hp. So the BMW M2 CSL, if that is in fact what this car is, won’t be making much more power then the M2 Competition, if any at all, being that the Competition already has about 40 hp more than the standard M2. Instead, it will focus on being lighter, sharper and more driver focused and these photos seem to indicate that.

No one said that the M2 Competition looked too tame but whatever this M2 test mule is apparently felt it to be so, as it’s gotten quite a bit more aggressive. At the front, a new splitter is added to its fascia and it brings with it little winglets that stick out past the sides of the car. Not only does this add some extra aerodynamics but it visually lowers the car, making it look much sportier.

Speaking of lowering it, this potential BMW M2 CSL looks like it’s had its suspension lowered. The M2 Competition essentially left the regular M2’s suspension alone but this looks lower, more aggressive, with virtually no wheel gap.

Out back, it has a small but fixed rear wing added to its decklid. It looks quite good, actually, and seems to really add another element of sportiness. While it isn’t integrated into the rear trunk lid, like it was ont eh M3 CSL, it does look good.

Both the rear wing and front splitter are wrapped in what looks like white tape, just to conceal their looks. Though, they’re both likely carbon fiber.

The BMW M2 Competition is already said to be a big step up over the standard M2, in terms of driving dynamics and excitement, so a potential BMW M2 CSL is incredibly exciting. We can’t wait.

[Source: Motor1]