The BMW i8 is the most futuristic car in the line-up of the Bavarian manufacturer at the moment. It comes with what seems like a timeless design and looks good in both pre and post LCI guises. That look can be even further improved though if you pick the best tuning bits for your Bimmer and there are plenty of choices out there for those looking for a bit more panache for their hybrid sports car.

The car we’re looking at today was delivered in Abu Dhabi and it was special from the get go, being a Protonic Red edition. Basically that means you can have your i8 in the aforementioned color, only a handful of them being made, BMW wanting to keep things exclusive for the high-paying customers. However, this particular i8 also received a couple of well-picked goodies to be installed before being delivered to a very excited customer.

The car received new 21″ double-spoke light alloy wheels from AC Schnitzer and they completely change the way the car looks. BMW’s wheels are decent enough but they are calculated to have the perfect size to offer both an efficient experience and a decent enough look and therefore are limited in some regards. These AC Schnitzer wheels are now limited in any way and they look the part, without a doubt.

Looking at this thing you might also notice the carbon fiber bits up front and round the back. The front and rear spoilers came from Vorsteiner while the front canards and the wing on the boot came from AC Schnitzer once again. Not a lot has been added to this i8 but the bits do make a difference. Overall, I’d probably steer clear of the wing but other than that, I’d add all the parts seen here, to enhance the car’s looks. How about you?