As most of you know, the BMW E30 M3 is now one of the most expensive used cars with a blue and white roundel on the hood you can buy. That is if you can find one in good shape. Mint models have been sold at auction for six-figure sums for quite some time now and that proves they are some of the most desirable classic cars in the world righ. If we’re talking about a limited edition, such as the BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution II model we have here, the prices are only going one way.

One such beautiful example is going under the hammer in less than two days at a Silverstone auction. The car in question here is a 1988 model which is estimated to get anything between £60k – £70k. It’s one of only 40 units allocated to the UK, while the Sport Evolution II M3 was only built in 501 units in total worldwide. It was the most powerful version of the original M3 ever made, with the 2.3-liter S14 engine being tuned to make 220 HP.

The Sport Evolution II also had a lower kerb weight than other M3 models and was available only in a couple of special colors, namely Macao Blue, Nogaro Silver and Misano Red. This one, as you probably guessed already, comes in Misano red and has 62,000 miles on the odometer, which is a hefty number, hence the estimated price tag. Models with anything under 10,000 miles go for almost twice as much at auction.

Further details about the car include a full body restoration in 2015 and the BMW has a flawless chassis as a result. With six owners over the years this was definitely not a garage queen as it was driven by all of them for extensive distances. That said, if you’re looking for a daily driver, this might be the car for you but if you’re looking for a future investment, you might want to try finding one with less miles on the clock.

[Note: This is not the actual car going for auction]