A low-mileage BMW E30 M3 just sold for over $100,000

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Values for the E30 M3 have been rising dramatically for years. This is no secret. However, it’s reached a fever pitch, as prices for E30 …

Values for the E30 M3 have been rising dramatically for years. This is no secret. However, it’s reached a fever pitch, as prices for E30 M3s have gotten a bit out of hand. A low-mileage example of the BMW E30 M3 just recently sold on Bring-A-Trailer for $102,000. That’s absurd.

Don’t get me wrong, the E30 M3 is possibly the finest driving instrument the Bavarians have ever made. It’s also quite rare, as BMW didn’t make a ton of them, so they’re a bit hard to find. So it’s absolutely worth a lot of money, there’s no question there. This specific one also only had 35,000 miles on it. So it was very fresh. But six figures for four-cylinder sports car with barely 200 hp from 1989 is a bit insane. For $100,000, you can buy a brand-new BMW 7 Series or Porsche 911 or even a damn BMW M5. The latter of which has a twin-turbocharged V8 with 600 (!) hp. That’s a helluva lot more car than the E30 M3.

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Now, we understand that the E30 M3’s value isn’t high due to its equipment or performance. People want E30 M3s and want them badly. So the demand is high and, because they’re rare, supply is low. Therefor value shoots up. We get it. The real reason why we find it so absurd to spend $102,000 is because you can get one for a lot less than that. Admittedly, this specific car that sold for so much money was a gorgeous example of an E30 M3 and is in perfect condition. Even if it is ever so slightly modified, with an aftermarket exhaust system and Bilstein shocks.

I don’t want to make the person who bought the car feel badly about their purchase or give them buyer’s remorse. Technically, anything is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. So if they wanted it that much and had the money, that’s their right. But wow, that’s a lot of money for an E30 M3. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drive the market up even further on them.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]

5 responses to “A low-mileage BMW E30 M3 just sold for over $100,000”

  1. Roland Renno says:

    Well, you described it well. The buyer is paying for his desire. I definitely wouldn’t pay half of that for the E30, because in my opinion and based on my experience with the E30 platform, they’re among the worst and most unreliable BMW cars ever made. I’ve owned FOUR at that time and much more of other 3 series.

    Secondly, I would never buy a car that has been modified. I’m a person who believes in what BMW Engineers built based on calculations. Having said that, in my opinion, the muffler is the main if not solely the only part of the car where someone could tell if the car is still stock or not.

  2. Maciek says:

    for this money is worth to build it using OEM BMW parts ;)

    • CatAttachedToBrowns says:

      Buying oem Bmw parts you won’t save so much, getting a fake with no factory chassis and engine numbers… 😀
      Just watch this young Italian pilot while is professionally testing the first M3 on the roads of the hills in my zone. He usually prefers best Italian vintage sports which wons any rally and circuit races in 70’s/80’s, and me too…
      It’s English subt.

  3. CatAttachedToBrowns says:

    These modifies are not important and from the infos I got this car can be brought back to 100% originality at minimum cost. I do not think it is a swap engine model. The BMW M3 E30 is a real racing car that can give you feeling and performance that is still up to par. An owner who knows her well and who has replaced the rubber parts of the steering wheel, the suspension pads (in essence the necessary work on a vintage car to really let it run like when was young) and carefully checked the brakes … can beat all the Porsche and the exotic sports of the same age much more powerful and priced more than double. Not on a 30 km long straight road, of course. I prefer mountain races. If you don’t understand it, you can conisder to buy a 2nd hand Challenger Hellcat… but vintage car lovers don’t do these comparaisons with modern ones. Why an old Ferrari 275 GTB/4 – with a chassis which was slightly “old” when brand new – is valued 3 millions $? How many new brand Ferraris could you buy? I’m slightly disappointed (I had an M3 E30 and I currently have a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo III, also a car born to win races but less reliable, which reaches prices very similar to the first M3 of the same period) with this article and the comments I read.

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