We’re on the brink of the G20 BMW 3 Series’ official reveal. It’s said to be a dramatic improvement over the current F30-gen 3 Series, in terms of both driving dynamics and interior comfort/technology. However, the one question that fans will still have after its unveiling will be: But what about the next BMW M3?

While we won’t know about the next-gen BMW M3 for quite some time, there’s always room for fun, harmless speculation. Especially about how it’s going to look. This new render takes a crack at figuring out what the upcoming BMW M3 will look like and it starts with a current-gen F80 M3 CS.

In this render, the next-gen M3 is essentially an M3 CS with new headlights, a slightly revised lower front fascia, some new taillights and new exhausts.

At the front, those new headlights look like the ones we’ve seen on the new 3 Series, with little notches cut into the bottom of the them. However, one area the designer didn’t change was in between those headlights. The Kidney Grilles are the same as the F80 M3 but we know they will be different on the new G20 3 Series.

Out back, new, slimmer taillights look like they could be quite realistic. They look similar to what we’ve seen from 3 Series spy shots and renders, even if they might be a bit thinner than the production car’s. The big change, and one that likely won’t happen, is below the taillights. Rather than the quad exhausts traditional to an M car, this render features just dual exhausts, with one pipe flanking either side of the rear. While it actually looks good, reminding me of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, it’s an M car and therefor needs quad pipes.

So this render isn’t the most accurate of renders for the upcoming BMW M3. However, I can dig the face with those headlights and I like those taillights. So maybe this new M3 could be a looker.

[Source: Behance]