Video: BMW M3 Comp Pack vs Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race

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When it comes to drag racing, cars fitted with internal combustion engines don’t really stack up well against electric counterparts. The reason for that is …

When it comes to drag racing, cars fitted with internal combustion engines don’t really stack up well against electric counterparts. The reason for that is that unlike ICE electric motors don’t have to rev up to get to that sweet torque band we all love. Instead, they have all the torque they can develop available from the get go which gives them a serious advantage. The Tesla Model 3 Performance also comes with all-wheel drive and that’s yet another advantage in the showdown you’re about to see.

The guys from DragTimes got the Tesla and a BMW M3 fitted with the Competition Package together on a drag strip to see which is faster. Of course, with the two advantages the Model 3 has, mentioned above, the contest doesn’t seem like a fair one. Then again, the Tesla might be faster in a straight line but it’s also considerably heavier and should we take this duo out to a proper track, the results would be drastically different.

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Yet, not many are actually cross-shopping between these two, especially if they plan on going to the track. The Model 3 has its advantages, no doubt about it, but the M3 strikes back with its handling and considerably lighter construction. To put things better into perspective, the Tesla has two electric motors delivering 450 HP and 471 lb-ft of torque to all four corners of the car, while tipping the scale at 4,072 lbs.

On the other side of the strip we have a BMW M3 Competition Package model with 444 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque on tap, sent to the rear wheels alone through a 7-speed DCT gearbox. It tips the scale at 3,540 lbs and, on paper, is slower than the Tesla by nearly half a second. On the longer haul though, things might not be as different after all.

15 responses to “Video: BMW M3 Comp Pack vs Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race”

  1. Johan Mo says:

    M3 has the looks, the quality, the feelings, the history. TM3 has the speed, and speed only.

    • Nsurg says:

      Blackberry has the keyboard and the push email. IPhone is great for teens but for real business give me my blackberry any day!

    • HN says:

      When BMW will have an EV in the M3 class ? The i3 is absolutely not anywhere near the 3 series, forget M3.

    • Hinu says:

      Model 3 is more than speed. But I agree about the straight line performance vs around the corner performance. I hope the new 3 Series and M3 models will bring some competition that will either get Tesla to reduce prices or improve handling etc. The Performance model does not have track mode or a way to disable traction control. You need an additional upgrade to get the track mode and we don’t even know if Tesla will let us disable traction control… It’s not good enough if they really want to compete with the M3. It’s enough for regular people that want a party trick to show their friends. I’ll upgrade my Model 3 with aftermarket parts to get it to M3 level of handling.

  2. Feriquo says:

    Lol, all wheel vs rwd.

  3. Eddie says:

    Gas cars are becoming so complex because of emissions. Now they will start strapping on stuff to catch particulates that turbo/direct injection seem to increase problems. I would never want to buy out of warranty as so many parts and difficult to repair as everything is all wrapped in and around the engine. The 1970’s were the best, just a easy access engine with a carburetor.

    • Eddie says:

      That is what’s cool about Tesla. Everything is plug and play. 80% of repairs without a lift. With modular parts most repairs can be done at the convenience of your home by a Tesla ranger. As a recent tear down by Monroe, Tesla electronics are designed like its for Space X, with no other car company even near its capability and WiFi updates for recalls/repairs. The battery design is the same way. I guess you must decide what is important. There will be million mile Tesla’s still driving around.

      • disqus_UXwmQQUZi0 says:

        Why I would take M3, Model 3 is a bland appliance. How many of your million miles will be off the road charging? As far as tech goes, I want a vehicle that evolves. That will always be BMW. Not battery packs in different sizes.

        • Hinu says:

          Wouldn’t call it a bland appliance… It’s a cool car and it’s really quick. It’s a great platform to make a great handling car. The interior is also pretty nice. All in all, you get a really good car for your money.

          • disqus_UXwmQQUZi0 says:

            It doesn’t compete on price, waitlist & not available @ promoted list price. They all look like identical clones, with only colour to choose from, whichTesla just started charging more for. I live in a gridlocked city of 7 million, most daily driving & commutes don’t involve quick or good handling. Most Model S I see carry 1 person, in a 5,000 lb. vehicle, so much for green. Model 3 all look like fleet vehicles to me, i3 or ICE BMW seem to make much more sense. Maybe down the road CPO Model 3 will be smart, but right now I don’t see an incentive to pay a premium for new.

  4. ed d says:


    could we now have the track comparison. i heard tesla has finalized their track version.

    i am upgrading from a 550i and wanting an M3 but not if i will be watching tesla taillights off stoplights and furthermore may still lose around the turns.

    pls help me by convincingly besting the T3 in a track run.

    BMW UDM loyal

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