The guys from the most well-known tuning company for BMWs in Germany decided to start this week by launching a new complete kit for the second generation BMW X4. Their take is made up of the usual bits and pieces AC Schnitzer got us used to, falling right in the middle between aggressive and stylish. The kit is made up of various aerodynamic bits and pieces and covers all sides of the car, from the front to the back.

The X4 is considered as Sports Activity Coupe due to its design and the guys from AC Schnitzer wanted just to emphasize its core strengths, not alter them in any way. Therefore, on the front bumper you’ll notice a two-part front spoiler lip which is meant to give the car a more aerodynamic profile. Made of carbon fiber, the new lip is bound to add as little weight to the overall package as possible. Furthermore, the same material and approach was used round the back, where a new diffuser was installed.

On the sides you’ll notice the new AC Schnitzer AC1 light alloy wheels, which are available in anthracite or the bi-color finish you see here, in either 19″ or 20″ sizes. What you’re also seeing if you’re looking at the car from the sides is the lowered suspension setup, thanks to the new spring kit installed on the car. This new set of coilovers reduces the ride height by 25-mm all around for a sportier ride.

Unfortunately, the guys didn’t say a word about performance upgrades, namely a power increase kit for the engines on offer right now. The most interesting ones will be for the M40i and M40d models, which are expected to get serious improvements over what BMW is offering. Once the new X4 M is here, expect some kits to be offered for it as well.