Everyone has “Bucket List” stuff, things they want to do, places they want to see or things they want to own before the kick the bucket. We all have stuff we want to do or see before we die, it’s just the nature of life, to have high aspirations. Personally, I have quite a few, most of them being places to see. However, there are also a few cars that I desperately want to own before I die. So I though it would be interesting to tell you mine and hear what yours are.

While my automotive bucket list is rather long and odd, including cars like a 901-generation Porsche 911T and a Citroen 2CV. However, there are a couple of BMWs on my list but if I had to pick just one BMW to own before I die, it’d be the E28-generation BMW M5.

I won’t lie, I first really started to admire the E28 BMW M5 after seeing a video of Chris Harris and his. I always knew it was the first M5 but I had never really read into it or watched anything about it before that video. Once I saw it, though I was hooked; the way it looked, the way it sounded, the story behind it, the brilliance of the engine the fact that it was so ahead of its time all just drew me in. After that, I researched it, watched more videos, looked at more pictures and read about its history. I love the E28 BMW M5. And I’ve never even driven it.

However, I’ve spoken to people that have and I’ve never heard a bad thing about it. In fact, I’ve only heard that it’s lovely to drive. The only negativity I’ve ever heard surrounding the E28 M5 was when talking to someone from BMW who’d recently driven it and said that, compared to modern M cars, “it’s so slow”, said with a laugh. That doesn’t turn me off of it one bit.

While I’d literally flip my lid over the idea of owning something like a BMW 507 or M1, those are uber rare, seven-figure classics that don’t seem realistic at the moment, though one should never stop dreaming big. Something like an E28 BMW M5 not only seems realistic but sooner rather than later. It seems like a car I could buy within a few years and keep for a long time, making memories and passing down. So of all the BMWs I could own, the one I feel like I need to own before I die, is the E28 BMW M5.

What’s your Bucket List BMW?