The BMW i9 topic has been going on for years now, from a sure thing to a cancelation, the high-end, luxurious “i” has made the news worldwide. The latest rumors arrived in January of this year and mentioned the dismissal of the i9 in favor of other models under the i sub-brand, but today, the topic gets interesting once again.

According to Autoguide, BMW has reapplied to hang on to the i9 trademark in the United States. First officially confirmed in the US in 2012, BMW’s trademark was only good until July 31, 2018, so this could be the main reason why the i9 nameplate was once secured.


BMW also holds the rights to the i4 and i5 names in the US.

With 25 electrified vehicles planned by 2025 – 12 of which will be electric vehicles – BMW is keeping their options open, in a fast moving market that is bound to get very competitive in the next few years.

While the i9 is still an aspirational project in Munich, other models are not. Next month, we will finally get a glimpse at the iNEXT project, followed in 2021 by the iX3 and the i4 four-door coupe. The second generation i8 is also on the table, along with a series of other plug-in hybrids.

Whether the i9 will ever come to fruition remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – it won’t be born before 2025. New projects like the i9 would take at least 6-7 years of development and testing, and BMW has yet to even make a reference to a new flagship electrified vehicle.