The BMW 8 Series is bound to arrive in a dealer near you towards the end of the year. The revival of the 8 Series badge comes some 20 years after the original was pulled out of production and with a couple of other changes to the BMW line-up as well. The 6 Series range will be limited to the 6 Series Gran Turismo and that means that the Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe models will be jumping two numbers in size.

However, it’s not just marketing that forces this change. The Bavarians are also upping the luxury offered inside the 8er as well as the fit and finish and, most importantly, the way it drives, as BMW tells us. Until we can publish the initial reviews of the new 8 Series, the way the car drives will still remain a mystery but that doesn’t stop anyone from telling us what they think about it in other departments, such as looks, for example.

The guys from What Car invited some of their readers to take a gander at the new 8 Series in Sunset Orange and tell the camera what they thought about it. From the get go, the opinions seem to be the same throughout the group, with the readers praising the car’s design, both on the outside and the inside as well as the build quality, infotainment system and quality. Furthermore, they all also agree on the powertrain (diesel still being the obvious choice) and the utility of the xDrive system.

When it comes to criticizing it, one reader does point out that the rear seats seem a bit more cramped than on the outgoing 6 Series Coupe and that’s something I can’t really comment on as I haven’t gotten to test it out myself. In the end, the car got an average of 5.33 stars out of 5, as two of them gave it five stars while one went one up and gave it six as we was blow away by its beauty. Encouraging results then for the new 8er.