Oh how they mocked when BMW first debuted the X4. I was one of them, in fact. When the first-gen X4 first launched, it was criticized for diluting the brand and being too much of a tweener to be good at being either an SUV or a sports car. However, since then, it’s been copied by numerous brands and the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe is its closest competitor. Now, though, there’s a new BMW X4. So how does it take on its closest rival? Auto Express finds out.

In this new comparison test from AE, the new BMW X4 takes on the existing Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. Both are powered by small four-cylinder diesel engines, both have automatic gearboxes and both are all-wheel drive. So, on paper at least, these two are pretty well matched. Though, the X4 is significantly newer, so it does have a bit of an advantage.


While they both make similar power and have similar performance figures, the BMW X4’s 2.0 liter engine is smoother, more refined and more pleasant to use than the Mercedes’ 2.1 liter unit. Both have very good automatic gearboxes, an eight-speed for the BMW and a nine-speed for the Benz, so it’s a wash there.

As far as ride quality and dynamics are concerned, it’s the BMW X4 that was deemed better in both categories. AE found that the X4 was not only more exciting to drive, with better steering and better chassis dynamics, but also a more plush and comfortable ride. We noticed this excellent, near-perfect blend of suspension tuning in both the new X3 and X4.

What surprised us, though, was that AE feels the X4 has the better interior. Personally, so do I but only in terms of quality, technology and ergonomics. The Benz’s cabin is incredibly stylish and cool and is a lovely place to be. However, the X4’s better build quality and far better technology give it the nod. Most journalists side in the favor of Mercedes when it comes to interiors, so it was surprising to us that AE favored the BMW.

We won’t tell you who won, even if it does seem obvious, as you should go and read Auto Express’ article for yourself.

[Source: Auto Express]