With the BMW F90 M5 being out and delivered to reviewers around the world these days, drag races, like the one you’re about to see, are prone to show up more often than not. Just yesterday we saw a proper comparison between the M5 and its closest competitor, the E63 S from Mercedes-AMG, and things were only barely tipping in favor of the M car. Today we’re looking at the same duo but this time with yet another super sedan in between them.

The guys from Autocar had a Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid parked around their HQ apparently and decided to pit it against the two other German Autobahn rockets. The drag race that ensued had a rather predictable result as far as the Porsche is concerned, the hybrid powertrain under the sheet metal of the Panamera allowing it to trump over its more ‘conventional’ rivals in the footage below.

However, what was unexpected here is how big the difference between the E63 S AMG and the BMW M5 is. In almost all previous videos showcasing a drag race between the two, we’d see the M5 barely creeping ahead by half a car or something like that while here, the E63 S wins it by quite a large margin. Looking at the footage in slow motion, we can see that the M5 did botch the launch for some reason, even though the driver definitely has plenty experience dealing with such machines.

Even the numbers don’t really add up. The conditions were perfect so the BMW should’ve done the 0-60 sprint in less than 3.4 seconds, but their readings showed a time of 3.48 seconds which is a bit off, especially considering most journalists recorded times closer to 3.2 seconds in the 0-62 (100 km/h) sprint. But the race still is worth a watch.