The BMW M550i xDrive stole some of the F10 M5’s thunder when it originally came out. Being nearly half a second faster off the line than the M5, the M Performance model had the numbers on its side as well as a new V8 engine under the hood with a bit more oomph than before. However, there were some rather obvious disadvantages working against it from the get go, like the exhaust sound, for example.

That’s a bit of a recurring issue these days with BMW models as a lot of people are displeased with how they sound, now that we’ve entered the turbocharged era. There are solutions out there though, like this exhaust system offered by the people from AC Schnitzer but with a catch. If earlier this year we saw them launch a full exhaust for the M550i that was road legal in Germany, the one we’re looking at today sounds a lot better but is meant only for export or racing setups, as it is not legal to use on public roads.

According to AC Schnitzer, it also doesn’t work on models with the new Otto particulate filter which means it is compatible only with cars built up until June 2018. The system is made up of a rear silencer made of stainless steel with two exhaust gas flaps, a sound pipe for sound optimization and two tailpipes for each side which can be finished in different trim options. Also according to the tuner, their kit should offer better throttle response as well as high durability and optimum resistance to heat and vibration.

Judging by the sound of the car in the footage below, even in Comfort mode, the car sounds considerably better than the standard one. In Sport mode the overrun burbles, cracks and bangs are just enticing, probably making you drive faster than you should in the process. Not that it would take long to lose your license as the M550i does 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in 4 seconds flat.