When the current BMW 5 Series was launched, the world was surprised to see that the 550i model was no more. In its stead, BMW launched a more performance-oriented model with a bit more power under its belt, the BMW M550i. The M Performance model is the only one you can get with a V8 engine if you don’t want to go for the fully blown M5. However, even though the car does come with an M Performance exhaust, there’s always room for a meaner growl and the guys from AC Schnitzer might have the perfect solution.

Thanks to a video released earlier this week, we now get an idea of how their exhaust system for this particular model sounds like and, to be honest, it definitely makes a difference. While the standard M550i sounds good when taken up to about 8/10, the AC Schnitzer alternative does a better job all throughout the rev range. Furthermore, to me, it seems like their quad-tip exhaust style looks better than the trapezoidal stock versions. Of course, that’s just my personal preference.

The guys are offering a number of tailpipe combinations if you might want to choose a different one but the sound remains the same, no matter what you pick. The flaps remain in place too, allowing you to choose between different driving modes and how loud the car is overall. Furthermore, the model in the clip is featuring a rear diffuser that definitely makes a different in combination with the four tailpipes.

AC Schnitzer is also working on performance enhancing bits for the M550i and they claim a full kit will be on offer later this year. Considering the stock model has 462 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque, we can’t wait to see what the German tuner comes up with.