Bimmerfest Europe is a show we’d heard about for a few years since it has been popular in the US for a while now, so when our friends at Evolve Automotive decided to attend the European tuning show, we became interested in learning more. The UK-based company took their BMW M2 GTS to the show, along with an F81 M3 and F11 M5 running their Eventuri intakes.

We recently talked about Evolve Automotive’s BMW M2 GTS project, which is exactly as it sounds. They attempted to take an M2 and give it the same treatment as an M4 GTS, thus making an M2 GTS. When we saw it last, it was completely finished, wrapped in white and painted by artists, as a homage to BMW’s Art Cars.

The custom M2 GTS has a custom-designed carbon fiber front lip that’s basically a shrunken version of the M4 GTS’, and the same goes for the hood and the rear wing.

Under the hood, the 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine has been given a 50/50 methanol/water-injection system, similar to that of the M4 GTS, as well as a new downpipe and an exhaust from Supersprint. It has just over 400 HP but it’s still using the old N55 engine under the hood. Torque has also gone up to 450 lb-ft, a drastic increase by all means.

So with that in mind, Evolve Automotive is giving us not only a closer look at their M2 GTS, but also a look around the show, seeing what Europe has to offer.