The amount of customers that actually buy cars like the BMW 3 Series is slowly dwindling. Reason being is that cars like the BMW X3 exist. Customers want more space, a higher ride height and more practicality than ever before. All the while, driving dynamics have taken a back seat (although, I personally think this new X3 M40i is even nicer to drive than the 3 Series). So cars like the BMW X3 have become incredibly important to premium brands, more so than even executive sedans like the 3 Series. In these two new videos from CNET, we take a look at the new BMW X3, what sort of kit it comes with, how it drives and we check the tech.

First, we start off with how it drives. The BMW X3 in the video is an xDrive30i, meaning it sports a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. That engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic and that powertrain combo is more than punchy enough for the little X3. It’s no rocket but it’s quick enough for most daily needs. The xDrive system is also very rear-biased, so it feels rear-wheel drive most of the time and the fronts only kick in when needed.

According to CNET’s Emme Hall, the X3 is a nice driving car but it doesn’t feel substantially sportier than some of its competition and fails to stand out a bit. Maybe so in a plain X3 xDrive30i but if you want an exciting mid-range SUV, the BMW X4 M40i is a beast of a machine and one that feels like BMWs of old.

After the on-road review, Hall sits down inside the X3 to check the tech in a second video. Here, she takes us through the iDrive system, Apple CarPlay and some of the other cool interior features. The BMW X3 is a pretty well-equipped car that sports some of the best tech in the business. But, it’s not perfect and this video will show you why.