For the launch of the all-new BMW X3 in China, BMW wanted to celebrate the spirit of reliability by transforming a loving and dedicated father into a superhero in their latest short film. The 14-minute short film is titled “Wonder Dad” and has now been released with English subtitles to make it accessible to viewers outside of China.

At the heart of the short story is a young family sharing the same fate as countless families around the world: the parents are heavily involved in their professional lives, so they have far less time for their children than they would like. Often dad only makes it to his son for a few short moments, so he misses the important moments in his son’s life.

The short movie “Wonder Dad” focuses on the little boy’s imagination that his father fights powerful enemies during his absence, yet he always comes back home at the end of the day, like a superhero.

Rather in the background of the story, we experience the helpers of the father, because just like other superheroes, the dad needs occasionally support. With sovereignty, reliability and enough space for the daily challenges of life, the BMW X3 G01 is portrayed as a hero of everyday life, which ultimately makes dad a hero too.

Only late in the film, the father finally delivers an action-loaded chase which could prevent him from visiting a theatrical performance of the son, but the superhero dad prevails: