We recently learned that the upcoming, and long-awaited, Toyota Supra would be making its worldwide debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Well, it now has but it didn’t shed its camouflage as we thought it would. So it still lapped Goodwood in its red, black and white camouflage, hiding as much of its styling as possible. To be honest, it’s still not too hard to get an idea of what it’s going to officially look like, as the body shape is still quite visible. And from what we can see, it looks damn good.

It also sounds great. We know that the Supra will use the same B58 turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-six engine as the BMW Z4 M40i but it sounds distinctly different from any other BMW product. Toyota must have tuned the engine and exhaust to sound this way and, frankly, we love it. It sound fantastic, with a real growl and roar that just isn’t heard in a lot of new BMWs. It sounds like a proper motorsport engine and, being a Toyota Supra, it should.

Ironically, some spy photos have also released on the same day that the Supra was in Goodwood and we get to see its interior (we don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here). Most of the cabin is covered in black fabric in these photos but there still some interesting details to be seen. For instance, the Supra sports an entirely new shift lever from the BMW Z4, or any current BMW product for that matter. It actually looks like an old BMW electronic shift lever but with its own spin. It also seems to get a slightly different steering wheel than the Z4, which is good. It looks chunkier but is still largely the same.

However, it still gets the same iDrive controller, air vents, iDrive screen and it also gets a digital instrument panel. We don’t know if the Supra will get the same infotainment graphics or digital gauges but it does have the same physical screens.

While the Toyota Supra isn’t exactly a BMW product, it still does share a lot of DNA with the BMW Z4. So we’re excited to drive it, hopefully back-to-back with the Z4, to compare and contrast.