It’s been known for some time now that the upcoming BMW Z4 would be based off of a sports car chassis developed in-joint with Toyota. We’ve also known for some time that the car the Z4 would share its chassis with would be the Toyota Supra, the next generation of a storied nameplate. However, both brands have been pretty tight-lipped about both cars. If there was ever a question of which would debut first, though, that question has now been answered, as the upcoming Supra will make its official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week.

According to the Toyota Europe Twitter account, the Supra will be making its debut next week. Although, it isn’t understood if the car we’ll see there will be the final production car or this camouflaged test mule. I’m going to assume the final production car, only because brands typically don’t build hype and buzz around showing off a camouflaged pre-production car. Having said that, BMW did just that with the 8 Series last year. So maybe some of that has rubbed off on Toyota.

The car teased in the photos looks production-ready, though, so any camouflage would only be to hide the body work for an official reveal. It also looks good, like a proper Supra.

Under the skin, the Toyota Supra will share a lot with its Bavarian cousin. So it will get the same basic chassis, engine, transmission and a lot of technology. However, Toyota has insisted that both cars will drive differently. The BMW Z4 will likely be a bit more comfortable and a bit more of a happy roadster, while the Toyota Supra will likely be a more serious sports car.

Being excited about a Toyota may sound painfully dull to a BMW enthusiast but we’re very excited about this new Supra. Not only is it the revival of a famous nameplate but it’s being built alongside a new BMW. So it will be incredibly interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two. And we may just find out next week.

[Source: Jalopnik]