Tesla Model 3 sales haven’t eaten into BMW 3 Series sales

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Prior to its launch, it was suspected that the Tesla Model 3 would take a huge bite out of its more traditional competitors’ sales. Both …

Prior to its launch, it was suspected that the Tesla Model 3 would take a huge bite out of its more traditional competitors’ sales. Both fans of the Tesla brand and automotive journalists felt that cars like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class would feel the wrath of the Tesla Model 3. And after its release, many members of the media were claiming that prophecy to have come true. However, the results of said prophecy were merely a mirage.

While it’s true that the BMW 3 Series, and its other segment competitors, are down in sales from last year, that’s actually not due to the Tesla Model 3. Same rings true for the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. All three German sedans in the segment are down in sales from last year but each of their three brands are actually up, by an average of 3-percent, in sales from last year. So the 3 Series buyers that jumped ship actually did so to another BMW product, in this case to crossovers such as the BMW X1.

As for the Audi A4, the four-ringed brand recently released the Audi A5 Sportback, a four-door hatchback with pretty coupe-like styling. These A5 Sportbacks are flying off dealer lots at the moment and are cannibalizing A4 sales. In fact, the entire Audi A5 lineup is up a whopping 143-percent thanks to the Sportback.

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Have there been some buyers who left their 3 Series for a Model 3? Of course, it’s going to have to steal some buyers away from traditional brands. However, it’s nowhere near the extent that’s being claimed by Tesla and other members of the media. Sure, there’s some correlation between the release of the Model 3 and the dip in 3 Series sales but no causation. It’s a convenient media spin for Tesla, though.

However, the slight decline in 3 Series sales is more due to BMW expanding its own model portfolio and buyers switching cars within it. So 3 Series customers are going for cars like the X1, X2, X3 and 4 Series Gran Coupe, rather than their dime-a-dozen 3 Series. Plus, there are also other new cars from other competitors that can eat away at BMW. With cars like the Volvo XC40 and upcoming S60, the Audi A5 Sportback and Jaguar XE, there’s a distinct possibility that 3 Series sales drop even further. But it won’t be because of the Model 3.

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10 responses to “Tesla Model 3 sales haven’t eaten into BMW 3 Series sales”

  1. shadowx360 says:

    The 3 series is also getting old, with the new generation on the horizon. The drop in sales in the few years prior to launch of a new generation was seen in the last two generations as well.

  2. Jack says:

    Give the 3 Series $10,000 incentives paid by taxpayer like in California and then compare their sales. Also the Tesla does not have any inhouse competition like BMW with the 4 series or even 5 series

  3. Derrick Rose says:

    give it a couple years. Tesla can’t even crank out enough supply the Model 3 to meet demand. the real question is 330e vs. Model 3 when the Model 3 is mature enough for a facelift.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      You don’t actually know what Model 3 demand is, undelivered pre-sales is no indicator of long-term demand. Particularly, as with Model S, they have the market to themselves – how long do you think that will last?

  4. Peters Simmons says:

    Seriously, does any Tesla fan give a rats about BMW sales.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Oh, yes, they do. Just saw a chart pitting rising Model 3 vs. declining premium sedans – ignoring new 3er imminent, no direct competitor BEV (yet!), and that sedans are a fraction of the premium BMW, Audi, Mercedes volume sold globally. But anything to support their delusion that Elon’s tiny volume will put “legacy automakers” in the ground – or, as they enjoy putting it, “RIP BMW”!

    • Max says:

      The other way around is true. No premium customer could want that cheap Model 3 garbage…

      • Peters Simmons says:

        Premium, does that mean a car company that has been forced to suspend sales of some of their premium cars in Europe due to the fact they don’t meet the minimum pollution levels set down. All part of the diesel gate affair, if that’s premium you can keep it as I want the next generation to have cleaner air.

  5. phineasjw says:

    BMW 3/4 U.S. sales are down 37% YOY. Audi A4/A5 is flat.

    And, Tesla Model 3 is now out selling both of them COMBINED in the U.S.

  6. Chris says:


    I was going to get another BMW, I love the 3-series. Then the Tesla Model 3 was announced and I reserved it instead.

    I don’t love service advisors on commission, sales people, dealerships, nor gas. The BMW I3 isnt something I would drive, even if they were giving them away.

    I didn’t necessarily HAVE to have an EV, but holy crap this is a great car. Fast, USA built, very little maintenance, great range, charging networks, OTA updates, self driving, battery warranty, driving assist, list goes on.

    The 2 year+ wait sucked but that’s fixed….mostly.

    Not sure why all the hate, but haters gonna hate.

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