The new 8 Series will be at the forefront of every marketing plan deployed by BMW in the next months. Apart from the car’s importance, as it brings back a nameplate after a 20-year hiatus, the new 8 Series is probably going to be the most expensive model in the range, topping the 7 Series in this department. Therefore, if you’re planning on buying one, you should probably take every occasion you get to learn more about it and this video should provide just that.

As it is usually the case, BMW released a short clip featuring their latest model, showcasing, as they put it, ‘all you need to know’ about it. The three presenters, Nicki, Dennis and Fernando are each an embodiment of a certain type of user. Whereas Nicki represents those looking for the ‘athletic’ side of things, those who will drive the car only in Sport or Sport+ mode, Dennis is supposed to be the young enthusiast interested in the digital side of things, while Fernando is the stylish guy who is more prone to appreciate the finer things in life.

What BMW usually does with this sort of videos is highlight the car’s main attributes and the key areas where a lot of effort was invested. For the 8 Series at hand here, as you can see, they wanted to showcase the new headlights, which are now the slimmest in BMW’s history on a production car, the new digital car key which is basically your phone as well as the Bi-Color Merino leather used for the cabin.

In the second video posted here, we get a closer look at the design both from the outside and the inside but this time we’re also checking out a Sunset Orange model fitted with a couple of carbon fiber bits both up front and round the back, like a beautiful diffuser in between the tailpipes.