BMW Canada decided to use some of the launch footage of the new BMW M5 to promote the new sports sedan to its customers. That said, the M5 is now being shown on Canadian TV networks in a rather interesting commercial, featuring among other things sand dunes, probably the one thing you won’t find in the North American country’s vast landmass.

The video shows the M5 First Edition, a limited-run model meant to make its way to the biggest fans of the car first. Dressed in Frozen Red Metallic it’s kind of hard to miss the BMW M5 First Edition, no matter where you might encounter it.

The F90 M5 is now available for orders worldwide and comes priced at CAD113,300 which makes it considerably cheaper than what customers in the US have to pay. Since the US version starts at $102,600 using the latest exchange rates, the Canadian model is roughly $86,000, quite a noticeable difference, if you ask me. But then again, that has always been the case and this is no surprise. If anyone’s to complain about pricing, maybe Europeans should have a thing to say or people living in Singapore, where new cars are outrageously expensive.

Getting back to the ad at hand here, it also highlights the big new thing about the current M5 which is the drivetrain. The new M xDrive system allows you to send power to all four corners of the car or to the rear axle alone, if that’s what you want, making sure to offer customers the best of both worlds.