BMW cars aren’t usually drag race monsters. Owners do tune them to outrageous amounts of power on occasion but most of the time they focus on track prepping not straight line racing. There’s a good reason for that as well, as BMW M cars have been traditionally rear-wheel drive and getting all the power down does become an issue after a certain threshold. The car we’re looking at today is an F10 M5 which, according to the video uploader, is pushing some 900 HP to the rear wheels.

That’s impressive, to say the least. Considering the stock car used to make nearly half that, there are some serious upgrades under the hood of this M5, if the numbers are real. The car was tuned by the people over at Horse Power Technics and is claimed to be at Stage 3+ with both software and hardware changes being done to it. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact list of what was changed but considering the power output, I’m thinking the turbos must’ve been changed, along with the intake, exhaust and possibly the clutch for the DCT gearbox.

Therefore, there’s yet another interesting claim being made in the video, with the uploader saying this is currently the fastest M5 in Europe, since it trapped 266.66 km/h (165.6 mph) on the 1/2 mile track at hand here. Those are decent numbers, considering this is a standing start race and putting the power down in a RWD car is a bit tricky. As a matter of fact, you can see that in the footage below, as the car breaks traction easily while launching.

Nevertheless, the driver does a decent job at keeping things in check. Furthermore, the weight of the car also works against it, considering it’s still able to carry even five adults in comfort and wasn’t stripped down to its core, to save weight. Beating a GT-R on the drag strip also speaks a lot about the velocity this thing is capable of reaching. As for the claim of being the fastest M5 in Europe, it may be a bit of a stretch.