New Report Claims BMW iNEXT Will Be an SUV, Bigger than X3

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It’s all but confirmed by now but it looks as if the BMW iNEXT will be coming in the shape of an SUV. A new …

It’s all but confirmed by now but it looks as if the BMW iNEXT will be coming in the shape of an SUV. A new report coming in from Automotive News today seems to suggest the same thing as we did a number of times in our reports about the car. Quoting a source inside Munich, the publication claims that the new flagship model from BMW will be an SUV and, furthermore, it will be bigger than the iX3 which is scheduled for a 2020 launch.

The news isn’t exactly surprising, as BMW’s own teaser launched not long ago, showed a roofline that definitely fits the description of an SUV. Considering the trends in the automotive world these days, the fact that the iNEXT will be an SUV is all but confirmed at this point. A definitive answer will come later this year as a concept of the car will be showcased by BMW, to give us all a baseline reading of what’s in store.

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BMW’s own CEO confirmed the news saying “Later this year, we will be presenting the BMW iNEXT as a Vision Vehicle.” According to our own sources, the new car might arrive at the Paris Auto Show this autumn, but the people around the project are so tight-lipped that this just can’t be confirmed from other sources at this point. Nevertheless, the car that’s about to be unveiled, albeit in concept guise, is supposed to show us what BMW has in store for the future.

It will be the most technologically advanced car the German made and it’s supposed to come with at least Level 3 autonomous tech on board, if not more, courtesy of the partnerships BMW is involved in with companies like Intel and MobilEye. At the same time, the iNEXT will also be an electric vehicle from the looks of things, using the latest tech the Bavarians have in store, with a range of over 400 miles according to the latest reports.

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  1. Timothy Gough says:

    BMW shouldn’t sleep on that ball. Yes SUV is dominating right now but the trend will shift back toward sedans in the next few years. Not regular sedans though, it’s pretty much almost over for those, but sleek sportback sedans with lift back, comfort & luxury accoutrements, and powerful powertrains like Panamera, AMG GT 4 doors, 8 series GC (and M8 GC), Audi A7. Heck, if Audi get clever, the A5 sportsback could do well as a premium entry for them into that segment. Those type of cars, especially if they have electric powertrains which can usually start off with 400hp and immense amounts of torque. Those cars are the next wave. They’re near comfy like SUVs, they can be sportcars, they can be GTs, all at the same time, and people won’t usually complain about their looks like they do with SUVs. From one end, as current buyers of sedans get on in age leading to more refined tastes and increase in income, they’ll prefer something different and sportier and more upscale. from the other end, some SUV buyers will also want something a bit more compact and lower in profile. The sweet point in the middle for both ends is the premium or luxury or executive sportsback and any car maker with a nose for hunting from the front should begin to take more than a cursory interest in that segment.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      The vehicles you mention are all expensive niche performance vehicles. You completely misread aging demographics, they are the ones who accelerate crossover demand as they want elevated entry, visibility, awd./fwd. & don’t care about “sporty” design. SUVs have taken the place of station wagons, the masses want their practical boxes. GT will NOT be taking the place of X.

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