The BMW G30 5 Series has been on sale for quite a while now and tuning options have popped up on the market already. If you’re in the US, Dinan provides some tuning options that also keep your car in line with CARB requirements, but if you live in Europe, your best chance to stay legal comes from AC Schnitzer. The German tuning shop has been in the business of making aftermarket parts for BMWs for decades and they are always offering compliant technology.

Their latest upload on Youtube showcases a new type of sport cats that can work with the exhaust system they already have in store for the G30 540i. The stainless steel, vehicle-specific downpipes can be mechanically combined and installed with standard and AC Schnitzer silencers. The 300 cpsi sports catalytic converters optimize the performance of the vehicles and significantly improve the sound. With the ECE approval, an entry in the vehicle documents is not necessary.

The best part about these cats is that they are also compatible with other BMW models. From the F20/F21 1 Series to the F22/F23 2 Series,  F30 F31, F34 3 Series, F32, F33, F36 4 Series, the Touring 5 Series and even the 7 Series G11/G12. There’s no word on how they improve the performance of the cars yet or how much HP/TQ you can gain depending on the model application but the sound of the complete AC Schnitzer system does make a case for itself.

Being a plug-and-play solution, the new system’s sound can be adjusted using the on-board Driving mode buttons. From Comfort and a more restrained sound to all-out madness in Sport and Sport+ modes. Since the 540i is the only petrol-powered six-cylinder model left in the range, it may be a very good investment on your part.