When this new G30-generation BMW 5 Series first hit the market, the Bavarians had a specific customer in mind — the entrepreneur/businessperson/executive. Built on an aluminum-extensive, lightweight and very high-tech chassis, the new 5 Series checks all of the boxes needed for  successful professionals. Any needs of a successful person, the new 5 Series can deliver. So BMW lent me a 540i xDrive for a week, to prove how versatile, luxurious and fun the new 5 Series is for a businessperson in a big city.

Life as an entrepreneur in Chicago is busy, to say the least. Whether it be work, play or family time, days and weeks are often packed, going from one appointment, meeting or dinner to the next. Between it all was the BMW 5 Series, proving to be the perfect companion.

Business meetings in downtown Chicago are necessary aspects of my week. While necessary, they can be hectic. Navigating Chicago traffic during the day can be exhausting. However, it’s made better by being able to sit through it in the 5 Series. The 5er’s comfortable cabin makes sitting in even the most infuriating traffic a breeze. The seats are supple and comfortable while also being supportive, making long stints in bumper-to-bumper easy and relaxing.

The rest of the interior is equally as luxurious. Every material, from the stitching to the leather to the feel of the controls, is absolutely top notch. There’s nary a cheap material inside the 5 Series, making it feel more expensive than it is. The 5 Series also has Apple CarPlay and an available in-car WiFi hotspot, allowing me to work from my car when possible. With in-car WiFi, it’s easier to reply to emails, schedule events, check my calendar or plan trips. Even the ConnectedDrive features come in handy, allowing me to send navigation destinations to the car or check its fuel levels from the ConnectedDrive mobile app.

But the 5 Series isn’t all work and no play and neither is Chicago. When I have free time, I like to stay active, running on the shore of Lake Michigan, usually joined by my wife, or sometimes playing tennis with friends. Regardless of what I’m doing, the 5 Series not only has enough space for the people I’m doing it with but the gear we’re using as well. The large trunk swallows up rackets, gym bags or any other equipment we might have, while the luxurious back seat allows me to fit two adults comfortably.

That level of space and comfort is also helpful during photo and video shoots. The back seat allows me to fit photographers, while the large trunk can fit all of the camera gear, lights, bags, tripods and anything else we might need. During our photoshoots with the 5 Series, it was such a faithful companion, having enough space to carry all of our gear while being comfortable and luxurious enough to happily get us from location to location.

Though, my life isn’t all work and no play and neither is the 5 Series. Chicago is famous for its nightlife and the 5er is the perfect companion. Whether it be dinner with my wife in the best food-city in America or just exploring the city, the BMW 5 Series is a stylish and luxurious way to get around the Windy City. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a drive through the streets, moonroof open, taking it all of the stunning architecture. Looking at the Chicago skyline through the LED-lit cabin of the 5 Series is wonderful and fitting. Especially during the holidays, when the city is lit up with Christmas lights.

If the mood strikes, which it often does, we can also take the 5 Series out of the city and find some twisty back roads. When doing so, the 5 Series is equally at home as it is cruising in the city. Its steering is accurate and its handling is sharp, making it a true luxury sport sedan. Which is what helps make the 5 Series stand out among many of its rivals, most of which are great at being luxury cars but lack the fun of the 5er.

My specific tester had BMW’s M Sport package equipped, which made it both look and drive better. The sportier styling touches of the M Sport package, such as the wheels and the black Shadowline trim, make it seem both stylish and sporty, giving it an edge. But it also makes the 5 Series drive better, sportier and sharper without sacrificing much, if any, of the luxury we’ve come to expect from the BMW 5 Series.

As a young professional, or any professional for that matter, the BMW 5 Series is the perfect companion. When it’s time to work, the 5 Series allows you to get to where you need to be in perfect comfort while also making your life easier. But when it comes time to play, whether that be cruising around enjoying the city’s nightlife or tackling some twisty back roads, the BMW 5 Series is the perfect partner. Its combination of comfort, luxury, performance and style is near-perfect and makes it a fantastic everyday companion for the busy professional.

Entrepreneurs, businesspeople and enthusiasts alike will love the 5 Series, as do we, and for good reason. It can do everything it needs to do and does it all in style.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for BMW. We have been compensated for the article and photography. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”