Our own Horatiu was on hand at the launch of the BMW i8 Roadster in the breathtakingly beautiful Majorca. So we know what it’s all about and we know just how exciting it can be. But, as Horatiu said, the new i8 Roadster is about being seen and to see it on the move you need to see it in video. So check out this new video from Shmee.

In this video review, we get to see the i8 Roadster as it moves through the stunning scenery and then your realizing, it’s not moving through the scenery, it’s part of it. The BMW i8 Roadster, especially in its E-Copper color scheme, is every bit as stunning as the scenery it’s enveloped by. The original pre-LCI BMW i8 was already great looking but adding its LCI facelift styling bits, including the hood vents, and the lack of roof and the i8 Roadster becomes a knockout.

Even the interior, thanks in no small part to its new orange highlights, even looks far better with the top down. Its interior was probably the largest design complaint of the original i8. Not that it’s bad, which it isn’t by any means, but it’s a tad too sober when compared to its futuristic exterior styling. But dropping the top allows it to immediately feel more exciting and premium.

But the absolute best part of its topless nature is the noise. The BMW i8 Roadster’s 1.5 liter turbo-triple actually makes a surprisingly good noise, despite some of it being a bit artificial, and it’s better to listen to than many enthusiasts initially anticipate. Dropping the roof, though, makes it better, louder and more visceral from the driver’s seat.

So listening to that little three-cylinder engine, feeling the instant rush of torque and power from its hybrid powertrain experiencing the new i8 are all comprehensively improved by cutting the roof off. Which makes the BMW i8 Roadster is one of the most exciting car in the Bavarian brand’s current lineup.