The BMW iX3 Concept recently debuted at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and it gave us a glimpse at the beginning of BMW’s future electric product offensive. It’s a very important car for BMW, as it’s going to be the brand’s first mainstream fully-electric car. The BMW i3 was the brand’s first-ever EV but it was a bit of an niche vehicle, designed primarily to be a funky, electric alternative to most city cars. This BMW iX3, though, is going to be a mainstream EV that will be able to act as a daily driver and primary vehicle to many customers and families.

In this new video from Auto Express, we get a bit of a look around the BMW iX3 in Beijing and we get to see what it looks like in the flesh, rather than in heavily edited photos on the internet. And in this video, it looks better than we expected.

Based on the current BMW X3, the new iX3 will be a traditional SUV. It’s basically an electrified version of the BMW X3, just with some styling and powertrain changes. It looks similar to the X3 but it obviously has a new grille design, new front bumper and a new rear diffuser. It looks good and is very obviously a high-tech EV. However, it doesn’t look too overly funky or weird, like the i3 is. But it isn’t as bland or boring as a Tesla Model 3. It’s a good combination of funky EV styling and normal car looks.

The BMW iX3 will have an electric powertrain developed by BMW and it will make 270 hp and have a total range of 249 miles. The latter is an impressive figure for an SUV and it’s far more than enough for almost anyone on a daily basis. What’s more, BMW claims that it will be able to charge almost 100 percent of its battery in just 30 minutes, thanks to 150 kW charging.

It’s an interesting and impressive car, the BMW iX3 and if it drives anywhere near as well as the new X3 does, it’s going to be a homerun. We can’t wait to see the final production version, which we don’t think will change much from this concept.