The guys from Manhart Engineering are some of the best in the business when it comes to tuning BMW models. At the same time, the BMW M2 is the best car you can get today according to a vast majority of journalists and owners. Therefore, they created in the Manhart MH2, based on the M2, a proper track track machine for the enthusiasts.

Now Manhart has decided to publish a new video of the MH2 420, showcasing the car’s aural character. Since everyone’s talking about the new M2 Competition, listening to what the original M2 sounds like could be making some people’s decisions easier when it comes to choosing a favorite. Yes, this particular model is fitted with Manhart’s own exhaust system but then again it still shows us how the N55 sounds like at its core.

The new M2 Competition comes with the S55 engine in a de-tuned version making 405 HP. We’re seriously curious about its sound, to be honest, as it does come with a different exhaust compared to the M3 and M4. Furthermore, if the engine under the hood of the new M2 is really the same as the one on its bigger brothers, there’s plenty of tuning potential hiding under there. Some M4 models have been known to reach 500 HP easily with just a tune and that would turn the M2 into a proper supercar killer.

To go back to Manhart, the German BMW specialist even offers a 550 HP upgrade for the M4 and its S55 engine without changing one internal bit or the turbos, just by remapping the ECU. Imagine that kind of power on the M2 and we have some serious performance on our hands. Until we get to drive it though, let’s just check out the sound of the now retiring N55 engine in the MH2 420.