The current BMW M3 will be going out of production a lot earlier than we expected. This year, BMW will be putting it and the M4 to rest after just four years and just months after a mild facelift for them was launched. The reason behind this decision resides with legislators in Europe, not the BMW Group, as the regulations demand cleaner powerplants to be used even in M models. And while the new M3 is not very far off, this will leave a void in BMW’s line-up for a while.

But while the story of the F80 M3 might be sad, a different M car has already left us, probably never to return again. I’m talking about the M6 which is no longer being built in Coupe guise. If you want a BMW with the M6 logo on it you’ll have to make due with the Convertible or the Gran Coupe. Of course, the M8 will pick up where the M6 left off later this year but it won’t be exactly the same thing.

These two cars are the culprits in the footage below and yes, the M3 was heavily tuned to make sure it keeps up with the more powerful M6 alongside it. According to the uploader, the M3 received a JB4 tune, a new intake, new exhaust and a mixture of racing fuel. That would seemingly take the power output to some 530 HP which is considerably lower than its rival here. Nevertheless, the lower weight of the M3 should allow it to at least try and keep up with the M6 in a straight line, even if we’re talking about a tuned model.

And what a beast we’re dealing with here. It started life as a Competition Package M6 and then turned into a Dinan-tuned beast, with some 700 HP coming out of the engine bay and its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 heart. That’s impressive all on its own but then again, you definitely need to take the weight factor into consideration here as the Coupe weighs 4,430 lbs. On the other hand, the M3 tips the scale at 3,540 lbs which means it’s 890 lbs lighter. Could that be enough to hang with the 700 HP club? Let’s see.