It’s not very often that you see an F80 M3 with air bags, but when you do, it’s almost guaranteed that it will stand out. Take for example this Alpine White M3 which had its stock suspension replaced by air lift performance bags.

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These 1/4” ported, double bellow rear bags provide a stable and comfortable, yet sporty ride. The included lower control arms allow for maximum drop and bag clearance. With the F80 M3, putting your Bimmer on the ground offers those sporty dynamics that some are looking for.

BMW F80 M3 BBS LM 02 750x500

When it comes to BMWs, there are plenty of lowering kits, but none with the versatility of air suspension. Some use coil springs to get lower to the ground, but unfortunately they lack the adjustability at the touch of a button. With air springs, you don’t have to worry about any of those lowered car problems like bottoming out and scraping the undercarriage.

BMW F80 M3 BBS LM 01 750x500

While riding on air with a sports car might be counter-intuitive, some swear by the performance brought out by those air kits.

Furthermore, the M3 now sits on a custom three piece converted BBS LM wheels making for a perfect combo with the air lift performance bags.

[Photos: @jbbrock2]