Despite the existence of the BMW M550i, I personally still feel that the best non-M 5 Series is the BMW 540i. Thanks to its brilliant B58 inline-six engine, it feels more nimble than the V8-powered M550i and is better balanced as well. Plus, as powerful and fast as the M550i is, the 540i’s B58 engine is the better motor of the two. It’s astonishing. However, it does lack some of the aggression that you might get in an M550i or especially the full-blown M5. So if you want to add some visual excitement to your BMW 540i, 3D Design might have what you need.

This 3D Design-tuned BMW 540i features quite a few upgrades that just turn up the volume a bit. So on the outside, you get CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) bits to add some visual flare, such as a new front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a decklid spoiler. All of which are subtle but effective at making the 540i look a bit angrier, a bit sportier. There’s also a subtle roof spoiler that’s made from poly urethane and is painted body color. Inside, there are some aluminum pedals and even new aluminum paddle shifters, made from solid aluminum billets (although, the paddle are still under development).

Out back, there’s a new exhaust system that features quad 90mm tips. Just in looks alone, the quad exhaust setup makes the BMW 540i look like an M car, as quad exhausts is an M Division staple. Combined with the new rear diffuer and the 540i looks genuinely sporty.

As for mechanical and performance upgrades, this 3D Design BMW 540i is also quite subtle. It sits on lowered 3D Design-made coilovers and it also sits on forged 20″ wheels, with a staggered setup. It also features a specific engine and boost tune that bumps power up 40 hp. That’s not a ton but that puts the 540i at 375 hp, which is more than the BMW M2. So it should be pretty quick. The standard car is more than quick enough to be fun so the extra power is only icing on the cake.

Overall, this 3D Design tuning kit seems to be a good one. It features some subtle but effective visual tweaks and some additional power and performance upgrades. So it’s the total package and it makes the BMW 540i jsut a bit more aggressive without overdoing it.