When I first drove the BMW X3 M40i a few month back, I was immediately shocked at how much like an old-school BMW it felt like. And I began to question myself: “Am I crazy or does this feel like a proper BMW? Maybe I’m just a bit inexperienced.” I thought. Then, Car and Driver drove it and felt the exact same way and it made me feel proud of my original assessment. And I was able to tell naysayers that I was, indeed, right. More recently, I drove the BMW X2 xDrive28i and claimed that, despite being the antithesis of what a BMW is supposed to be, it’s actually a ton of fun. Naysayers scoffed at my review.

Now, Car and Driver has driven the BMW X2 xDrive28i and it seems they may agree with me yet again. No one is claiming that the X2 is the second coming of the E46 M3 but that it’s surprisingly fun to drive and it is by no means the heretical mongrel purists are making it out to be. In this new review, C&D claims the little X2 to be fun-to-drive and full of character, the latter of which mostly thanks to its design and C-pillar Roundel.

Here is what C&D put in its “Highs” section for the X2: “Attractive inside and out, nails the fun-to-drive quotient.” Surprisingly, none of C&D’s “Lows” have anything to do with its front-drive layout or lack of communication, saying “Stiff ride, road and suspension noise, high as-tested price.” And that stiff ride is actually part of what make it handle so well and be so fun to drive.

I know that liking a car like the X2 is sort of a no-go among the enthusiast crowd but the BMW X2 has the ability to surprise and delight. I promise.

[Source: Car and Driver]