The love affair with the BMW E46 M3 is building steam in recent times, mostly due to the price drop of these vehicles and for most, the nostalgia for this vehicle kicking in. For the most part, the E46 community goes in three separate directions concerning this vehicle: some keep it perfectly stock, returning the M3 to its original state, while the tuner crowd love to supercharge their vehicles, adding aftermarket wheels and an AirRide, for example.

And lastly, there is always that group of individuals who turn their BMW E46 M3’s into track ready beasts. This particular Laguna Seca BMW E46 M3 falls into the latter category.

laguna seca blue bmw e46 m3 race car ccw wheels c 830x554

As far as this 2001 BMW M3 is concerned, no corners were cut. It’s a real track-ready machine, filled with all the necessary performance and safety features that one would expect from it. The vehicle comes from CCW Wheels, a wheel company specializing in racing and drag wheels. While the pristine Laguna Seca paint job might set you off the track, this M3 is battle tested and have partaken in various racing events in recent years. It sports a completely stripped down interior, a complete roll cage, MOMO bucket racing seats, a MOMO steering wheel and all other necessary safety features that allow it to be entered in almost any race within its racing category.

laguna seca blue bmw e46 m3 race car ccw wheels f 830x554

The exterior comes with a time attack front lip spoiler and winglets, accompanied by a set of sideskirts, a rear diffuser, and a racing rear aero wing. The vented hood in the front keeps that 3.2-litre straight-six 343 horsepower engine cool enough. The stopping power is improved thanks to a set of StopTech brakes, featuring larger six-pot calipers and slotted rotors in the front and upgraded calipers and slotted rotors in the rear. Furthermore, the vehicle rides on an upgraded suspension system: a set of H&R RSS Club Sport Coilovers were installed, improving both the cornering performance and removing excess body roll.

The vehicle features an upgraded engine cooler, an uprated fuel and oil pump and other technical details needed for high-performance racing situations.

Lagana Seca BMW E46 M3 Rady For Track Day

The final touch on this build is a set of CCW C14 lightweight racing forged wheels. These monoblocks are extremely light but adhere to all load rating demands expected from a track-ready ready wheel. Coming in sizes of 18×8.5 and 18×9.5 in the front and rear, respectively, they fit within the high-performance parameters of a racing wheel/tire setup perfectly. In turn, they give the M3 not only a nice performance option but also great looks as well.

You can grab a full detailed view of this Laguna Seca BMW E46 M3 build in the video and media gallery right below.