The upcoming 2018 Beijing Motor Show is rumored to not only deliver us the M2 Competition model, but also a preview of the future iX3 electric SUV. Earlier this week, BMW CEO Harald Krüger announced a preview of the new BMW iX3 this year before the beginning of its production in 2020.

Considering BMW’s investment in the Chinese market, where electro-mobility is seen as the main pillar of its strategy, the odds of seeing the iX3 Concept in Beijing are not that far fetched.

“Over the course of the year, we will present a number of pure-electric concept vehicles that will all go into series production, like: The first all-electric BMW – the iX3,” Krüger told the press. “Our new technology flagship, the BMW iNEXT, the captivating BMW i Vision Dynamics, which I just announced in Geneva as the BMW i4.”

The BMW iX3 is technically based on the current X3 G01, but visually, it will be quite different from the conventionally driven variants. It is also clear that the BMW iX3 has a purely electric drive, but there are no official announcements for range and performance yet.

But if we’d venture to guess guess, we would say that the BMW iX3 will have over 300 miles of range. In fact, there’s no point in it even existing if it can’t, as even the Chevy Bolt can do 200 miles. Plus, SUVs are great platforms for longer-distance EVs, as there’s more space for larger batteries without impeding on passenger and/or cargo room.