Starting on March 23, the BMW Museum will be hosting a new, temporary exhibition, dubbed “BMW i. Visionary Mobility.” focusing on the BMW i sub-brand and the BMW i3 and i8 models. The aim of the exhibition will be to present visionary mobility and vehicle concepts over a period of 18 months while also paying tribute to the performance of the brand. This will mark the first time the Museum will be uniting the history, the present and the future of mobility under one roof.

The thematic pathway through the new temporary exhibition begins at the origin of the need for alternative mobility concepts and its biggest sphere of action so far: in the urban space, particularly megacities. Impressive installations on the topic of resources and emissions highlight the challenges confronting our modern society and indicate the opportunities offered at the present time by electrification of mobility.

A journey through history and the tradition of electromobility at BMW is also presented, starting with the modified BMW 1602 used during the summer Olympic Games in Munich through to today’s BMW i brand. An overview of the entrepreneurial milestones foregrounds the pioneering work that the BMW Group has carried out in the area of sustainable mobility. The exhibition has been staged on five platforms and it conveys a varied and informative impression of all the key focuses and facets of the BMW i brand.

Visitors will get to see the “Megacity Vehicle” concept car first presented at the IAA International Motor Show which was basically the precursor of the production i3. Furthermore, the Life Cell chassis will be on display showing the audience what hides under the i3’s peculiar look. The installation also includes an area where you can check out the materials used for the construction of i models as well as a parcel where the recycling process is shown.