The Rolls-Royce Phantom has always fascinated car enthusiasts around the world. The reason is quite simple, too. Whenever one’s dealing with the epitome in a certain field, the imagination is spurred as to what exactly made that particular thing the best in the business. In the case of the Phantom, things are a bit more complex than they might seem at first, especially if you dig deep enough to really understand what makes it the best.

Therefore, whenever a new model comes out (and that’s not as often as it is the case with ‘regular’ cars) a plethora of people will try and figure out what makes it so desirable. Tens of videos are available online these days featuring the eight incarnation of the famous nameplate, with titles along the lines of ‘X things you need to know’. The guys from The Fast Lane Car are the latest to join the wagon as they recently had the pleasure of getting one of these beauties for themselves.

From pointing out the raising floor to the automatically adjustable screens in the back and the obvious self-closing doors, they cover things most people already know. The new Phantom even inherited a lot of these things from its predecessor so they won’t necessarily impress you that much. The car in itself is pretty expensive, having a price tag of over $600,000 but that’s normal for a double-R model.

However, there’s one thing they point out that should truly say everything you need to know about Rolls-Royce and their cars. At the moment, the Rolls-Royce brand is perceived as the most luxurious in the world. That’s not just for the automotive segment but for every possible segment out there, overtaking clothing brands, jewelry brands and so on to become the most sought-after brand out there. That says a lot on its own. Now let’s check out what they have to say about the Phantom.