At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show we got to see the 3D Design body kit for the BMW i8 for the first time. Unfortunately, the Japanese tuner only published a few pictures of its latest creation and we couldn’t get a good idea about exactly what the kit brought to the table. Today, 3D Design posted a full photo gallery online and we have to say things are definitely looking good if you’re interesting in tuning your i8.

The BMW i8 is a tough car to enhance. The design bestowed upon it by the Bavarian designers already makes it look as if it was transported back into out present day from some distant future and therefore most tuners only brought out certain bits and pieces to alter its look in precise ways. The guys from 3D Design are no exception. Their kit includes parts for the exterior and the interior as you’re about to see.

On the outside you’ll notice the new front bumper spoiler along with the new rear diffuser which covers almost the entire rear bumper and features a new tailpipe right under the license plate holder. Between the taillights, a new carbon fiber wing was installed, looking more aggressive than ever. The side sills haven’t been left out and they too feature add-ons.

Inside the cabin, the approach was similar, of enhancing rather than reshaping completely the design of the hybrid sports car.

The steering wheel gained aluminum billet paddles and the same material was used for the pedals and foot rest. The driver’s foot well is now also featuring new 3D Design floor mats. The biggest headturner though are the new 3D Design Recaro seats sporting black leather and blue accents. These stunners are definitely going to turn some heads wherever this car is parked.