The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is quickly approaching and it’s an exciting time for most car enthusiasts. As probably the biggest European auto show, or maybe even in the world, the Geneva Motor Show is one where many automakers like to make big splashes. So it’s a good possibility that we see a few surprises from a few European brands. Surprises aside, though we do know that there will be some really important cars in Switzerland, cars we should keep our eyes on.

From BMW, we’re going to see some new stuff that’s really only new to us in person. For instance, the world premiere of the brand-new BMW X4 and the mid-cycle refresh of the 2 Series Active and Grand Tourers. The latter two almost none of you care about but the former should be very interesting. As of right now, we’ve not seen the new X4 in person, only in photos. So it will be exciting to get up close and personal with it. Being in Europe, we’ll almost certainly see the X4 M40d, the one we most want to see.

BMW will also have the BMW M3 CS (which I recently just saw in person and it looks fantastic) in Geneva. It’s a great looking car and probably the second best looking M car at the moment (it still can’t beat the aging but gorgeous BMW M6 Gran Coupe, that car is like the automotive Cindy Crawford).

It’s not just BMW that will have some exciting cars at Geneva, though. Hell, it’s not even the only German. Mercedes-Benz will show off its brand-new A-Class, a car that every small premium car should worry about, its new G63 AMG, a car I’m personally very excited about, and the new AMG GT4, the four-door version of the AMG GT. These should all be exciting cars.

Audi will also said to be showing off its brand-new A6 sedan, something that could be very interesting. It might not be as dynamic as the 5 Series or as luxurious as the new E-Class but, if the new Audi A8 and A7 are anything to go by, this new A6 will be stylish, extremely high-tech and pack some really cool features.

There should also be the new Range Rover Coupe, the first two-door Range Rover in decades, and that should be pretty cool. We’ll also be seeing the Jaguar i-Pace, the brand’s electric hatchback/crossover thing.

So the 2018 Geneva Motor Show should be flush with great new cars, with some BMWs among them. We can’t wait.