This current-generation BMW X5 is still a very good looking car with a great cabin and a wonderful ride. So just imagine how good it’s going to be when it’s built on BMW’s new rear-wheel drive architecture? Every car built on BMW’s new CLAR architecture is better than the car it replaced by quite a ways. Most notably, the BMW X3 is superb and one of the absolute best cars BMW currently makes. So we’re really excited to see what this new BMW X5 is going to be like.

Seen in these new spy photos, the next-gen X5 lost some camouflage so we get to see a few more details (we don’t own them but you can see them here).

At the front, we see those absurdly large Kidney Grilles, large enough to inhale any small birds and squirrels that cross its path. We also get a better look at its headlights, which feature a similar twin-semi-circle design as the new 8 Series and Z4.

Out back, the new taillights are slightly visible and they seem to be similar to those on the new X3. Which is a good thing, as those are handsome enough, but they don’t look anything special.

One really encouraging thing we’ve noticed from these new photos, at least for us, is the Hofmeister Kink. On previous spy photos, it seemed really rounded out and almost gone. In these photos, though, we can see that it’s distinct and visible enough and looks good.

This new BMW X5 looks good and it seems a bit smoother than the current car. It has styling similar to both the X3 and X7 and will probably be the best looking car of the three, from what we’ve seen. We’re excited to give it a try.

[Source: Motor Trend]