There are a lot of new BMWs that purist enthusiasts love to hate. The BMW X2 is the latest of them all. It’s one of the supposedly heretical cars from BMW that made the jump to front-wheel drive and it has purists pulling their hair out. Personally, I think it looks kinda quirky and fun and I’m excited to test it out in a few weeks. Don’t @ me. But before I can actually give it a go myself, the next best thing is watching a video test drive of it and this latest video from AutoTopNL gives us a front row seat.

In this new video, we see what it’s like to drive the BMW X2 from a POV view. The model in question is the BMW X2 xDrive20d M Sport X. That absurdly long name means that it sports a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine under its hood, which makes 190 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. It also means that it’s all-wheel drive and is wearing the sportiest M Sport X trim level.

On the outside, it’s wearing the incredibly inconspicuous Galvanic Gold Metallic paint work. It isn’t a pretty car by any means but it’s kind of cool looking and seems to have a bit of a sense of humor. I also really like the C-pillar Roundels, which harkens back to the BMW 3.0 CS. Once inside the car, we see an interior that’s very similar to that of the BMW X1. There are some sporty touches, such as the aluminum hexagon trim, contrast stitching and sporty cloth seats but it’s essentially a sportier X1 on the inside.

After setting off, the thing that surprised me most about this video is how it’s remarkably quiet on the inside. For a car that’s on the more inexpensive side of BMW’s model range, it’s surprisingly serene inside. As far as handling and performance go, it doesn’t look particularly sharp or dynamic but can’t really tell just from a video. Plus, this isn’t going to be some hardcore sports car, the X2 is designed to be a slightly sportier alternative to the X1.

Overall, though, the BMW X2 looks promising for anyone who needs a bit of space but also wants something that looks and feels a bit sportier than the average crossover.