BMW enthusiasts around the globe are currently waiting with bated breath to see the new BMW 8 Series. It’s only the second-generation of the famous 8 Series-nameplate in almost thirty years. So fans are drooling over the prospect of another one. Especially considering the fact that the first-gen 8 Series was so good looking and had so much potential, yet failed to live up to expectations. So fans of the Bavarian brand are dying to see this new one and to see if it does, indeed, live up to its potential.

Some recent spy photos of the upcoming 8 Series have surfaced and they show off more than ever before (we don’t own them but you can see them here). In these new photos, we see a BMW 8 Series M Sport of some kind. It could be an 840i with an M Sport package or maybe this is the BMW M850i. Either way, it’s some sort of sporty 8 Series variant and it looks damn good.

This test mule seems to be wearing BMW’s new camouflage that it’s been using lately, which is good as it allows us to see more body lines than the traditional camo. It shows us enough that we can tell this new BMW 8 Series is going to be a gorgeous car. With the 6 Series Coupe having gone the way of the Dodo, the 8 Series was going to have to step up and assume the mantle of the sexy two-door Bavarian. Judging from these photos, it’s going to do just that.

The 8 Series is low, long and lean, showing of its muscularity even through the camouflage. At the front, its headlights look quite similar to those from the 8 Series Concept, which is good, as borrowing any design cues from that stunning concept is a good thing. Its muscular shoulder line and flared rear haunches are all accentuated, making the 8 Series seem like a powerful rear-drive coupe. At the back, there’s a bit of a flared ducktail spoiler, a la Aston Martin, and it looks very good.

We can’t wait to see the 8 Series in person, completely unwrapped, as it’s shaping up to be the best looking BMW in a very long time. These spy photos only reinforce that notion and make us even more impatient.

[Source: Autocar]