Along with most of the BMW enthusiast community, the words “BMW M850i” and “details” together in a sentence makes our mouths collectively drool. Fans have been begging for a return of the BMW 8 Series and now that it’s finally here, we can’t really reserve our excitement. Among the upcoming 8 Series lineup is said to be a BMW M850i, as an M Performance variant. This will sort of bridge the gap between the standard BMW 840i and blood-pumping BMW M8. Thankfully, some new packaging details for the upcoming BMW M850i have emerged, giving us some insight into what it will come with.


Most of this stuff is pretty standard and none of it is really shocking. Still, it’s nice to know. As with most M Performance models, the M850i will look more aggressive that the standard 8 Series, just not as fully-mental as the proper M8. So expect this sort of as-standard kit:

  • M Sport brakes
  • M diff
  • Rear spoiler
  • Active steering
  • M steering wheel
  • Upgraded seats

The M Sport brakes, M Steering Wheel, better seats and rear spoiler are all pretty standard M Performance stuff. We could have expected that. Even the Active Steering is a bit common among high-end M Performance cars, like the M550i. The interesting bit is the M Differential, which is usually only reserved for proper M cars as standard. It also points to a rear-wheel drive BMW M850i, whereas the M550i has xDrive all-wheel drive, thus lacking the need for the rear diff.

There will be some additional M Performance options that will help make the M850i a bit more special. Nothing too crazy, but enough to add some spice to the hottest non-M 8 Series. They consist of:

  • Various 20″ wheels
  • M seatbelts
  • M adaptive sport suspension
  • Carbon fiber roof
  • Carbon fiber exterior elements

We’re very excited about the upcoming BMW 8 Series, regardless of model. It will be the brand’s first foray into this world of high-performance, high-luxury GT cars since the original 8 Series. That in itself is exciting enough but bringing back the nameplate that fans love so much makes it even better.

[Source: Bimmerpost]