If there’s an upcoming BMW that fans are most excited about, it’s probably the second-generation BMW 8 Series. With decades between the first and second generations of 8 Series, fans are naturally excited to see the famous nameplate make a return. Especially considering the fact that the concept car we’ve seen of it was absolutely gorgeous. So whenever we see some spy photos of the real-deal car driving around, we get as giddy as a kid on Christmas. We stare and over analyze every detail we can find, in hopes of figuring out what it will actually look like. In these new spy photos, we can see more of the 8er’s face than ever before. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Driving around Germany, this BMW 8 Series has been caught wearing less camo on its face, headlights and Kidney Grilles. What’s exciting about that is the fact that they both look very similar to the stunning Concept’s. So the headlights are slim and sleek, even if they aren’t as slim as then concept’s, while the grilles are wide and stick outward a bit. The actual lights within the headlight housings also look like the concept car’s, just not as extreme. You can also see that the hood is heavily sculpted, with really sharp creases running down the length of it.

It all works together to make the front end of this new 8 Series look very sporty, very sharp and very aggressive. But that’s not even the good part. The silhouette of the BMW 8 Series is stunning. It’s low, lean and long, like a proper sporty GT car should be. In these photos, we can see that it also packs wheels which are almost identical to the concept’s. It seems as if BMW wasn’t kidding when it said that the real car will be very similar to the concept car.

From the rear view of the 8 Series, we can see just how flared out its rear haunches are. It looks more like an Aston Martin than BMW from this angle and it looks superb. The entire car is shaping up to look like it could be the best looking BMW of the modern era. We were all upset at the death of the beautiful 6 Series Coupe but this 8 Series looks like it will more than suffice.

[Source: Autocar]